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Perfectly Imperfect #OwnIt

Mistakes are not what make you, what you do after you make a mistake is what defines who you are. So with that being said, who are you? Are you who you want to be? Or are you trapped in what others make you by allowing the negative words spoken against you to create your new character? Today, I choose to not be what they say I am and tomorrow I may choose not to be something that I chose today to be, but one thing is for certain... And that is that change is inevitable! What you can take control over is how change affects you though. Will it change you for the better or for the worse? Are you a good example of change for those who are around you, watching you as means for an answer of what to do NEXT in their lives. I don't know about you, but change in my life has been never-ending for the past few months. At times I deal with it well, but there are also those times where I do not get along with change very well. There are times when I allow my power to shift into someone else's power because I live in other's world of negativity instead of pulling them into my world of positivity. This often angers me when I allow this to happen, however, it is happening less often, so this makes me proud and not so harsh on myself when it does because another thing I cannot change is being HUMAN. You must always remember that being human comes with some baggage - That baggage is that sometimes packing away the negative or bad moments in your life does not always makes them go away... Instead, it does the exact opposite... It holds in those negative and bad moments until you are FORCED to unpack them. The hardest thing to do is unpack all of your baggage and put your things away before you can relax. Well, as hard as it may be, I am learning to unpack my bags, carefully store away the things I need and quickly dispose of the things I do not, but the key is doing this in peace and humility. You truly cannot enjoy life in the balance of another's misery in which they have bestowed upon you, but what you can do is refuse to take it with you! The only way to find your peace is to lose the things that cause you disturbance. Have you found your peace? If not, what are you waiting for? Being perfectly imperfect is exactly what it sounds like, not about being perfect, but striving toward it in the most effective way you know how. Being Women Enuff is not about being perfect... It is about being better than you were yesterday and tomorrow, being better than you were today... And regardless of what others call you, say negative about you or mistakes they try to use against you, the only person who can measure your growth is YOU! Stop allowing your mistakes to be their power over you because I hate to tell you, but this won't be your last... However, it can be the last they use to hurt you... Take back your power!

and if it happens again... #REPEAT!

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