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Giving up is so easy to do... I'll take the hard route!

You know what is so funny about life? Is that you never know what is coming next! When you do well, people talk about you... When you do bad, people talk about you worse - For some reason this just seems to be a part of life. There are times when you try to be positive and you wonder WHY you are trying so hard to be positive when everyone else around you just tears you down with their negativity. I've come to realize that the only people who can tear you down are the ones you allow to tear you down.

My story is an incredibly unique story, one in which I have never publicly told from my actual mouth, but to very few! Social media has been an outlet for many years in which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Those whom have your best interest at heart or support your movement may take from your posts the way in which they were intended, when those whom do not have your best interest and do not support you may turn it around and may downplay your progress. Either way, neither of these things can be done without your consent. Only YOU can control the way you allow someone to make you feel.

I have been talked about my entire life, from having a child at a young age to being arrested on falsified charges in an ugly custody battle. People will do any and everything to destroy who you have become in an attempt to deter you from your true calling. My personal stories are no secret and I release them to young women all over the world to show them that my life is just as upside down as theirs possibly was at one point, but I keep going!!! I have had thoughts of just giving up on Women Enuff, Inc and not living in my truth, however, if I did that - I would not only be giving up on all of the women who have been through or are going through something, but I am giving up on myself!

I have worked entirely too hard to build this realm of support, I will NEVER give it up because WE are WOMEN ENUFF to make it through anything... Even the storm doesn't last always, but one thing is for sure - The sun will shine again! After all I have been through and the way I have been discouraged and down talked, if I didn't give up... I will be darned if I will let any of you <3 <3 <3


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