L.A.W. - Love Always Wins

During these trying times with COVID-19 and the world being in a state in which we have once thought we've overcome with racial injustice, now is the time to spread love more than ever! With Love Always Wins, Women Enuff, Inc's goal is to do just that! Join us as we spread Love as a way of L.A.W!


"Cut The Check"

Career Preparation 4-Week Series

The first week of the “Cut The Check” series, we will be discussing the vision of all attendants. The goal of this is to ensure that we are seeking a position in which fits our interest and our experience thus leading to a successful career choice.

Dress & Etiquette will also be covered in week 1. In learning about choosing a good career based on each individual assessments, we will also discuss the proper attire for that particular career and learn appropriate work etiquette.


Week 2 of the “Cut The Check” series will consist of building a resume tailored to your specific background, education and experience. The resume is the center focus of seeking the career you truly want or can even be tailored for advancement within a current position.


Week 3 of the “Cut The Check” series will be “live” job searching and discuss FAQs about the application process, including background information requests. This week we will put what we’ve learned to good use and begin getting our resumes out or even applying to the advanced positions within our current organization/company.


Week 4 of the “Cut The Check” series will be where everything ties together! We will be preparing for our interviews and dressed appropriately for the interviewing process. In the second half of the class, we will be doing “live” interviewing, some perhaps even leading up to actual job opportunities.

Teen Summits/Conferences

Chapter 1: Respect/Self-Worth

Chapter 2: Peer Pressure/Remaining Positive

Chapter 3: Safe Sex/Pregnancy Prevention

Chapter 4: Goals/Action Accountability

Teen Day Prom

After successful completion of the Teen Summit, Women Enuff, Inc offers the Teen Day Prom in which allows those who attended the summit to demonstrate what they've learned in the class setting and utilize it in a social setting. Women Enuff, Inc educators will observe, support and correct behaviors in a positive manner as to remind the young adults of what they were taught in previous weeks... We call this tactic, TEACH AND REPEAT!

Love Thy Neighbor: #BlessingBag

(Hashtag Blessing Bag)

Love Thy Neighbor is a program we have created to feed the hungry in a fun and impactful way. Sharing blessings with our "Hashtag Blessing Bag" full of basic necessities and a meal for nourishment. We create these events as a way to team build and give to those in need TOGETHER! Creating a vibrant atmosphere of music, canvas painting, group interaction and most importantly, assembly of meals and hygienic bags to distribute to those in need within our communities and beyond.

Women Enuff, Inc will bring the Love Thy Neighbor: Hashtag #BlessingBag program to schools, organizations, corporations, families, businesses, etc and facilitate the entire event while everyone involved enjoys their time giving back!

Unmask The Violence Masquerade

Domestic Violence Awareness Event

Unmask The Violence Masquerade is Women Enuff, Inc's largest event of the year as it impacts so many people. It is held every October in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and in honor of a great friend of Women Enuff, Inc members, whom was murdered due to domestic violence in May 2016. This event provides a platform to allow victims, survivors and supporters to come together and receive resources, advocacy and education.

Christmas Toy Giveaway

Sponsored by Toys For Tots - Lake County

Providing Christmases to under-served communities in Lake County, IL!

Certain qualifications must be met to be approved for this program.


Women Enuff, Inc has always been about assisting women and helping them obtain the resources and referrals needed to live a prosperous life. Women Enuff, Inc is women helping women to navigate life's hurdles, to access community services, to develop new life skills and essentially to move lives forward! In addition to Women Enuff Inc's previously mentioned efforts, we also provide life-enriching information, tools and resources, so that individuals are better prepared and mentally equipped to deal with stress, transition, and crisis in various forms.

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