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Love Thy Neighbor:

Hashtag #BlessingBag

Love Thy Neighbor is an initiative we have joined to feed the hungry in a fun and impactful way. Sharing blessings with our "Hashtag Blessing Bag" full of basic necessities and a meal for nourishment. We create these events as a way to team build and give to those in need TOGETHER! Creating a vibrant atmosphere of music, canvas painting, group interaction and most importantly, assembly of meals and hygienic bags to distribute to those in need within our communities and beyond.

Women Enuff, Inc will bring the Love Thy Neighbor: Hashtag #BlessingBag program to schools, organizations, corporations, families, businesses, etc and facilitate the entire event while everyone involved enjoys their time giving back!


Are you a business, organization or even just a family of those who love to give back and team build?! Let us help! Host your own "Love Thy Neighbor" event! 

Thank you! Someone from the Women Enuff, Inc team will get back with you shortly.

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