Our Mission Statement

Women Enuff Inc's purpose is to empower teenage girls and women to realize their own self-worth. To advance the impact within our community and beyond by educating, advocating, and acting as a resource to its members; and in general, to work to improve the quality of our society. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to see what others don't and help build up those whom have had life challenges tear them down!


Our Story - Who Are WE?!

Women Enuff, Inc is a non-profit organization recognized by the State of Illinois Jesse White's Office and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's Office as a charitable organization created and registered in the state of Illinois. Women Enuff, Inc was founded in April 2009 by a young woman, whom at the time was just 23 years old, Deidra Collins. Deidra was a teen mother at the tender age of just 14. Although she had made poor decisions in her past, she did not want people to see her for the poor decisions she had made, but truly wanted those to see her for who she was at heart.


Deidra has had the heart to help others since she was a little girl. She has always had dreams of becoming someone in which teens, just like whom she once was, could come to and receive guidance without judgement. She has always felt that children do not rebel because they simply want to, but moreso that they make poor decisions due to the lack of knowledge. She truly believes that these behaviors are something that can be prevented by advancing the impact within our community and even beyond our community by providing a safe platform for those to come and learn life lessons from people whom not only teach it, but have lived it. Not only can they learn, but in this platform, WE too want to be able to provide the resources in which will provide further knowledge and opportunities!


Upon Women Enuff, Inc's inception, our primary goal was simply to help mothers and teen girls, however, as time has progressed and the need in our community has grown drastically, so have our programs and services. What makes Women Enuff, Inc so unique is that each program and service offered is a direct reflection of something that the President/Founder has once endured herself or at minimal, seen first hand in those around her. From domestic abuse and homelessness to teen pregnancy and unemployment, Deidra has a story to tell and she will not be quiet until her story reaches all those in need and which she can assist by simply being transparent. She is not afraid to tell her story and help others utilize the same tools in which she did to get to where she is today. Women Enuff, Inc is NOT about being perfect, however, it is about what we choose to learn from our imperfections! We all have a past, however, what matters most is what you do with it in the future...


And WE choose to share it and support others who will one day too call today just that... Their past!


Our mission statement says it all -  There is no "I" in WE and there never will be!!! 

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P.O. Box 263 - Zion, IL 60099

Tel: (224) 656-0116

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