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Women Enuff, Inc

Our Mission Statement

Women Enuff Inc's purpose is to empower teenage girls and women to realize their own self-worth. To advance the impact within our community and beyond by educating, advocating, and acting as a resource to its members; and in general, to work to improve the quality of our society. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the world around us by being whom we want to see in the world.

WE wish to change by our hearts, not simply our words!

Our Story - Who Are WE?!

Women Enuff, Inc is a non-profit organization based out of Lake County, IL. WE have been incorporated since 2009 and have assisted THOUSANDS of families since Women Enuff’s inception. Our goal has always been to advocate and act as a resource to teens and women as the President/Founder has noted necessary in her experience. She became a mother at the very young age of 14 years old and the goal was always to become successful, but she was never given the ball to score. Our goal has been to place the ball within the hands of those willing to learn, and once given the tools, allow them to make the decision themselves through positive reinforcement and support. Women Enuff, Inc has made it our mission to advocate from adolescence to adulthood in hopes of changing the cycle of abuse, poverty and lack of education thus resulting in sustainability through ones change of mindset from public dependency to independence and success.

We have implemented many initiatives from domestic violence awareness, career preparation, pregnancy prevention, esteem building, homelessness assistance, holiday assistance and adult preventative services. These initiatives have been measurable and effective! Through these measurable initiatives, we have learned to change and revamp programs to fit the needs of the communities we serve as every community has unique needs and a unique way of adapting to the change that needs to be made. WE are here to ensure that change is obtainable and assist in holding those accountable for making the goal!

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