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What Makes YOU Women Enuff?!

So, I've been told that my success is what makes me who I am... But, in actuality, it is quite the contrary! They say I am not amazing, I am not great, I am not mistake-less, I am not the epitome of perfection. So WHO am I?! Who I am is no different than you. I am learning to become amazing so my greatness shines through my pores and unmistakably imperfect as my reason for being is to learn from my mistakes so that I may train others to avoid the road blocks in which I once ran into, ran over and somehow proceeded through with caution, just enough caution to not get caught. Oh, but I was not that great, because I did get caught! From abuse as a child to abuse as an adult, who was I to defend myself against my abusers only to be called an abuser myself because of whom was first to call the police... And it was not me. Covering my eyes from the tears that I've cried only to be in relationships where nothing was real, just time passing by. Let me tell you who I am, I am more than what man has deemed me to be by writing my faults on a piece of paper and telling my life stories as if shame will come upon me. I am WOMEN ENUFF to own my faults, learn from them and exude the excellence in which was held deep within while my set up of success was preparing to be unveiled. See, it was not my success that made me Women Enuff, but it was my failures that I refused to let cripple me that made me say we need ENUFF women to realize that they are not their past, but the present is truly what makes them... And the thoughts of their future is what makes them bend, but never breaks them.

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