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No Matter How Many Times You Fall... NEVER GIVE UP!

I have this habit of every time life gets hard or I make a mistake that the world sees, I step back from Women Enuff, Inc and reevaluate whether I should be the leader of this organization. Being the founder of this organization since I was just 24 years old, I have learned many things over the years that I feel make me a great leader despite my faults and I thank my many supporters who will just NOT let me give up!

Here is what I learned:

1. The more that people see my downfalls, the more they see that even leaders sometimes fall - It's not about the fall, it's about getting back up!

2. What am I teaching young women about life? Every time things get hard, you give up?! NO!

3. Nobody is perfect and the Devil definitely attacks when the Lord is doing so much with you. It's about how you handle the attacks is what matters!

4. There are people in our community who struggle daily with the same situations I am currently facing - Don't run from it, RELATE to it!

5. Every day I wake up, I realize that is God's way of telling me that I have yet another chance to get it right!

6. Those who look up to me, count on me to be better - Don't just speak on being better, learn to be better, BE BETTER and teach to be better!

7. Everyday they pray on my downfall... Everyday the Lord gives me a new voice within to pull down the Devil's efforts!

8. Today is not yesterday and tomorrow will not be today!

9. My latest mistakes will not be my last but working toward less mistakes as life progresses.

10. Never judge a person based off what you hear, judge a person off who they show you they are!

With that being said, I will be doing a Women Enuff, Inc tell-all series beginning Saturday, August 12, 2017 - Location and additional information TBA! I feel that being a part of Women Enuff, Inc is facing ones truth and learning who WE are! Nothing is more frightening sometimes than looking yourself in the mirror - But thereafter, beauty can also come from releasing your pain! WE ARE


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