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Our new programming for the Infinity B.O.L.D. Elites will be split into (4) 4-week sessions working on each participant from the inside out. We want to ensure that every participant is encouraged and dealing with the internal confidence first before setting the stage for expressing that confidence through dance and cheer!

B.O.L.D. stands for Becoming ONE Living Disciple! This is a powerful and impactful name in itself because it allows our community to come together to do what they love in unity and all for the glory of God! Being BOLD comes with great responsibility and even greater reward. We are able to incorporate etiquette, education and respect for oneself and their peers. We are building more than just an amazing group of dancers, we are molding amazing WOMEN!

Infinity B.O.L.D. Elites is just another measure in which we are taking to advance the impact within our community. Being introduced by the Christian Basketball Association in our area, we too had to ensure that we support their efforts in a major way and being BOLD is the way WE choose to do so! We have retained some of the best choreographers in the business to assist us in our routines, building character and confidence.

Infinity B.O.L.D. Elites will be an entertainment cheer/dance team in which will feed the souls of those watching. We do not want to give our audience an ordinary experience, we want to give them an extraordinary experience through the spirit and dancing with purpose!


"Let them praise His name with dancing and make music to Him with timbrel and harp. For the Lord takes delight in His people; He crowns the humble with victory."

Psalm 149:3-4



Checklist and Contact Information

Come join us as we work on building confidence, creativity and unity!

Registration Form & Parental Consent

Let's ensure our Infinity B.O.L.D. Elites are safe and parents/guardians are informed!

Photo Release

Smile for the camera everyone... We LOVE paparazzi 

Coaches Application

Are you interested in volunteering to be a Cheer Coach? Click below

Time Commitment

Commitment is important to building unity and teamwork, let's work together!


2019 Summer/Fall Schedule

New programming and new routines annually!

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