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Community Service

Women Enuff, Inc is committed to our community in many more ways than one! We understand that sometimes community service is a requirement due to education, court mandates, team building experience, etc. WE are here to work together and assist you in whatever goal you are striving to reach with your community service hours!

Women Enuff, Inc is an approved site to issue community service hours to probationers within the Lake County Adult Probation Department. Women Enuff, Inc will submit hours to Lake County Adult Probation as they are acquired.

COVID-19 Update:

Due to the current pandemic and the current "Stay At Home" order, we are limited to the projects in which we can deem as "essential". However, we have received the proper city approvals to do the activities below as we believe these are essential to the safety and welfare of our communities. Please watch the video below on safety measures that should be taken at all times, especially when doing cleanups. Furthermore, we will not utilize more than 5-6 people in one given cleanup and even outside will require social distancing!

Outside Cleanup Safety

During COVID-19 Pandemic

We will provide the following:



Safety Vests

Garbage Bags

Hand Sanitation Instructions

Safety Videos (prior to participation)


- Social Distancing

- Written Approval To Participate

From Women Enuff, Inc

- Review All Safety Videos

- Health Pre-Screening

Click Flyer To Register

Community Clean Up.jpg


Lewis Avenue - Between 21st Street and Rte 173

Zion, IL 60099

(You may park in the Shirl's parking lot)

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